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Enabling Spaces CIC 360​° Client's Photo Gallery



Property Address: 

7 Shackleton Road, Earlsdon, CV5 6HT

Type of House: 

Two bedroom Mid Terrace, two up two down house.

One step up to the front door, leading straight off the street into the front room.

Ground floor: Comprises of front room leading to the living room and kitchen. 

Family bathroom and WC located off the kitchen.

First Floor:  Two bedrooms

Please click the tab in the right hand corner of photos to view the images in either; Fisheye, Planet, Ball or Normal lens.

 1.Entering the property from the front door walking straight into the front room.

2. From front room leading into back living room, where client slept and carried out all of his ADLs.

4.Galley kitchen leading to bathroom with enclosed shower.

Kitchen floor is covered with dog/cat excrement, urine and is littered with rubbish and filth.

Downstairs bathroom with enclosed shower unit.

Bathroom fitted with dropdown handrails either side of toilet.

Toilet is not fixed properly  to the floor, it is very unstable and leaks.

6. Small bedroom at the back of the house.

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