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Enabling Spaces CIC provides a specialist occupational therapy led service, providing thorough assessments, interventions, and practical support and solutions to individuals who compulsively hoard and live in domestic squalor.

In addition, Enabling Spaces CIC also provide training and consultancy to other professionals within the UK working in this specialist area: Occupational Therapists, housing providers, Social Workers, Nurses, Front-line support staff, Mental health workers and family members.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the hoarding related services provided by Enabling Spaces CIC... Thank You


Coventry City Council Funded Hoarding Therapy Support 

(For Coventry 

Residents Only)

Enabling Spaces CIC has partnered with Coventry City Council and Coventry & Rugby CCG, as part of the Early Prevention, Health and Well-being program to deliver a specialist hoarding therapy services for the Coventry area.

No self referrals accepted.


Hoarding Therapy Support Outside Coventry

Hoarding Therapy Support is available to other local authorities, outside of the Coventry Area. Please contact us for pricing and further information.


De-Clutter Management 

Do you need to have a ‘sort out’? Are you moving home or downsizing or supporting a family member? Are you overwhelmed with lots clutter? We provide a specialist service to make this as smooth and as painless a process as possible. 

Hoarding Awareness Workshops

Our workshops are fun and interactive... They are held at the Rural innovation centre at Stoneleigh Park  Warwickshire 


Case Management

Are you involved in a complex hoarding case? Enabling Spaces CIC provide services to oversee complex hoarding cases.

We have extensive hands-on experience in managing complex hoarding cases and can provide tailored case management support. 

We are the only occupational therapy led service in the UK specialising in hoarding disorder and funded by a local authority.


Animal Hoarding Workshop

Animal hoarding is a poorly understood psychological disorder, it has many facet and is very complex.

It is more than just have a large collections of animals. 

An animal hoarder is very different from a compulsive hoarder, approaches and interventions are very different.

Come along to our workshop and learn more.


Online  Basic Hoarding Awareness Course

This Hoarding Awareness Course is available online. It delivers a comprehensive overview of hoarding aimed at improving your knowledge and understanding of this complex disorder. 


University Lecturing 

An important element of our work at Enabling Spaces CIC is to impart our knowledge and expertise of hoarding, and its complexities, to others including university students. We visit universities, delivering lectures and interactive seminars to occupational therapists, social work students and other health and social care professionals. If you would like us to visit your students, please contact us for pricing and further information. 



Coventry is the only local authority in the UK to have a dedicated hoarding therapy service. Enabling Spaces CIC provide consultancy services to local authorities across the UK that are seeking to develop their provision of hoarding support. Please contact to discuss your needs and for pricing.

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