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Case Management


There is a common misconception that the most effective way to tackle a hoarding case is to activate a large scale clearance and deep clean of the property. In the short term this is very effective and the property is restored to some semblance of normality. However evidence shows that this is ineffective in the medium to long term.  This extreme approach takes little or no account of the person and has a deeply traumatic affect on them, they have little or no control over the process and it is often forced upon them. They have a strong attachment to their belongings and having these removed is deeply traumatic. 

Are you involved in a complex hoarding case?

Are you a housing provider and require guidance with your policy, procedure and protocol relating to hoarding and self-neglect?

Do you have a hoarding case that requires reviewing?

  • Enabling Spaces CIC provide services to oversee complex hoarding cases. We have extensive hands-on experience in managing complex hoarding cases and can provide tailored case management support. 
  • We help to facilitate the improvement of your service
  • Advice on effective approaches to service delivery which can assist your client's engagement.

We are the only occupational therapy led service in the UK specialising in hoarding disorder and funded by a local authority.

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