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Animal Hoarding Workshop

The video below shows  40+ cats and kitten living in extreme squalor, please be aware that this video has upsetting scenes ... thank you

Understanding Animal Hoarding 

  In recent years media interest in hoarding and animal hoarding has exploded, newspaper articles and television programs have sensationalised this mental health condition and have exploited vulnerable people, therefore, hindering the recognition that this is a serious mental health disorder.

Words used in article to describe cases involving animal hoarding have been negative, in creating harmful stereotypes that misrepresent the individual and the illness. The media either portray the individual as two dimensional, they are either seen as an evil cruel person or an animal lover whom loves their animal too much.

The big picture is not represented, they dramatise the stories, with no mention of mental health difficulties or knowing the possible triggers that has led the individual to hoard. Leading the reader to judge the individual judgementally and agree with the writer, that the individual is a criminal and must be punished.

Then on the flip side, animal hoarding behaviour is also seen in the media as humorous, the crazy cat lady that has collected too many cats as she is old lady, they also imply sympathy.  Articles lack that basic understanding, instead of educating the reader and increasing their awareness with facts.

 Animal hoarding articles only seem to discuss the environment, and the impact that it has had on the animals and the community, not the welfare of the individual.   

Animal hoarding is more than just having a large number of animals, although numbers do need to be taken into account.  Here at Enabling Spaces CIC, we want to address the balance.

Our course will leave you with a better understanding of:

  • Animal Hoarding Disorder and the impact that it has on the individual, their families, organisations and the wider communities.
  • The definitions of Animal Hoarding
  • How to identify Animal  Hoarding
  • The different types of  Animal Hoarding 
  •  Animal Hoarding relating to Mental Capacity Act (2005), Human Rights Act (1998), Equality Act (2010) and Care Act (2014)
  • Different approaches to take with an Animal Hoarder
  • Case studies
  • and more....

These informative and interactive sessions are suitable for professionals, family members who come into contact with this client group, and anyone who wants to develop their understanding of this debilitating disorder.

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Animal Hoarding Workshop  

Date: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

This interactive seminar provides a comprehensive overview of Animal hoarding, its impact and the approaches to take. The seminar size has been significantly reduced and there are only six spaces available.

Venue: Rural innovation Centre, Avenue H, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, CV8 2LG

Course Time : 9.30am-4.00pm

Registration from: 9.00am

Due to COVID 19, please bring your own pack lunch, and mug for hot drinks or your own water bottle.

We will provide the facilities for you to make a drink.


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