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Extreme Hoarding and Deep Cleaning.


Enabling Spaces CIC has worked and carried out therapeutic therapies in countless cluttered, extremely hoarded, and squalid properties. Environmental conditions are poor, making everyday tasks impossible, and living conditions dangerous for the client and other visitors. 

When the client is ready to let go of their "stuff". We require practical hands-on support to assist us to remove large loads/volumes from the property (with the client's consent). We have assisted many clients to return to their properties, having made them more habitable and safe.  This has to be carried out with the utmost care, and with unconditional positive regard for the client.


Enabling Spaces CIC has a specialist in-house practical support staff, working within  Clearance with Care Ltd. The team provides a very client-centered approach to tackling the physical side of hoarding; the clearance and the deep cleaning of cluttered or extremely hoarded and squalid properties.

Clearance With Care, staff are experienced professionals who can be trusted to carry out the work compassionately, holistically, and sensitively. Clearance with Care specialists has undertaken many jobs where compulsive hoarding has been a problem.


We are pleased that we can now offer these services under the umbrella of Enabling Spaces, tailored to your needs in this aspect of work.


 Clearance With Care will:

  • Work with Enabling Spaces staff to implement a plan if an individual is going to be returning  or  be in-situ in the property 
  • Complete the clearance and clean within a given time frame.
  • Systematically sort through rooms and belongings
  • Remove items that have been allocated for recycling 
  • Remove items that have been allocated for charities.
  • Take away items that are no longer fit for purpose, they will be disposed of safely and hygienically. 
  • Safely dispose of any hazardous material that may be present in line with current legislation.
  • Box up items with the client where necessary 
  • Look for any missing valuable items or paperwork and return these to the client or a trusted family member.
  • Leave the property deep-cleaned and decontaminated

Clearance with Care will always have a staff member from Enabling Spaces present, to oversee the work carried out.


There is a cost for this work, but we aim to be competitively priced. 


For a FREE QUOTE or Advice, please call 

Telephone  No: 01926 935055






Services Provided

Clearance with Care Ltd offers a discreet and professional service, no matter the size of the property, the team is very experienced and caring and is always ready to help and support.

Emergency Crisis Preparing a  property before a client can be discharged from hospital 

  • Do you have a client or patient that needs to return home, but is unable due to their cluttered home environment?
  • Do they require a package of care (POC), but carers will not enter the property due to its unsafe condition?
  • Do you need to put in equipment, i.e. hospital bed, mobility aids, frames etc to assist with discharge but there is insufficient space?
  •  Clearance with Care can help with the transition.

Professional Decluttering, Clearance and  Deep Clean Service 

  • Are you overwhelmed with clutter and in need of specialist support?
  • Are you downsizing? 
  • Are you emptying the property of a family member? 
  • Are you a private or social housing landlord with a complex hoarding case and in need of support? 
  • Clearance with Care can assist with all  of the above and more, please contact us to discuss your needs.  

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I am extremely grateful... I can't actually believe there is help for D... its been 12 yrs at least, trying to be heard... thank you, thank you.  

Client's Sister

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